How to Get Rid of Stachybotrys mold

What do you do?

The approach to getting rid of Stachybotrys mold is two-fold. First, you must get rid of the mold. That means getting the spores out of the air and getting the mold out of the falls. For the spores you can use any one of the air cleaners (especially those with HEPA filters) to capture the spores and then dispose of them. To clean the mold off surfaces, use any cleaner designed specifically for that use or mix a small amount of soap and water to first scrub the black mold off the surface and then treat the surface with a disinfectant.

Borax, bleach or vinegar can all be mixed with water to produce a safe and effective disinfectant for home use. You may then also want to use a de-humidifier to reduce the presence of mold in the house. Secondly, you have to get the contamination out of your body. Use a nasal saline flush to wash out your sinuses and a mucous thinner to help your body expel the contaminant naturally.

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